Monday, September 28, 2015

Respect At Work

Life is all about RESPECT, everything else is secondary!  

Sadly, it is also the one thing that our society is lacking of. Mainly because we all know the word but do not really fully understand what it means or its importance and power to change people and circumstances.
RESPECT is a wearable trait. But those who don't have it can't give it - and those who don't give it can't have it. So, let's start building RESPECT as a habit. Begin at home and then build it outside with friends and most especially in our place of work.   

Here are some tips.

You can demonstrate respect at work with these simple, yet powerful actions:
  1. Treat people always and at all circumstances with courtesy and kindness .
  2. Encourage everyone to express their opinions and ideas freely.
  3. Never insult people, call them names, talk behind their backs, put down people or their ideas.
  4. Treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size, or age. Implement policies and procedures consistently so people feel that they are treated fairly and equally. Treating people differently can constitute harassment or a hostile work environment.
  5. Praise much more frequently than you criticize.
These 5 simple tips constitute a solid foundation for a respectful environment. Implemented consistently at work, these actions help ensure a considerate and professional work place.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Servant Leadership is to Know the True Meaning of Sacrifice

Leadership requires service and service requires sacrifice.

Sacrifice means that a leader must be willing to let go of things he or she holds dear.

Sacrifice means that a leader must be willing to lose ones security. It means coming out from our own comfort zones.

Like a salt that loses its own to add flavor to dishes a servant leader gives life to a group and its members and puts the interest of the people he or she leads over personal interest.

The life of a servant leader is full of sacrifices but this is what separates a true leader from the rest.

Jesus constantly reminds us through the bible that to follow Him is to follow a life of leadership and not just any kind of leadership but one that is driven with a life of genuine servitude.

We have a lot of brave and bold leaders who made a mark in the pages of history but a true servant leader is someone who made a mark in the hearts of the people they served.

Servant Leadership is to Understand That We Are All Equally Blessed

Like the story of the Vine and the Branches in John’s Gospel we are all connected to one another. What ever happens to one, directly or indirectly affects all. It is a natural law.

This connection makes us all equal even though we are unique.

Our uniqueness makes as individuals, but our uniqueness also compliments the uniqueness of others and these makes us all inter-connected and inter-dependent.
“We can’t all be artists for we will starve to death – some would love to be farmers and paint the land green with abundance.”
We are all equally blessed as God’s Children and a servant leader respects this truth.

A servant leader is not above or below but is equal to the people he or she serves.

A servant leader does not rely on power or authority but with the strength and contributions of the people he leads. He understands that all has the capacity for greatness and his role as a leader is to help them enhance that individual capacity to achieve not only the goal of the group or the mission he embarks but also the individual goals of his members.

A servant leader must be a fountain of blessing for others – his followers must see and feel that they are truly blessed with good things and this must be imparted or communicated to them well.

A true servant leader uplifts his members. He does not degrade or undermine their individual capabilities.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Servant Leadership is a Calling

Like the rich young man (Luke 18:18-30) in one of the story in the Gospel, a SERVANT LEADER always ask how to follow Jesus - because he or she believes in His leadership.

You’re reading this article right now because you want to know how you can become a good leader like Jesus was.

His answer to all of us is: “Leave everything behind – give to those who are in need – and follow me.”

This is the most straightforward and most complete description of what it is to be a servant leader. But of course, this deal was anything but easy – that is why the rich young man turned away. Because he was so rich and all that wealth is very hard to give up.
The point here is not about the money or material wealth – it is about our willingness to give up everything for the sake of others who are in need.

Being a Servant leader would require a lot of your time (are you willing to give up your favorite afternoon soap opera for a group project?)

Being a servant leader would require you to share your talent (are you willing to offer your money-making talent for free for the benefit of the group? Will you be willing to explore and learn other things for the sake of the group?)

Being a servant leader would require you to share even your hard-earned savings (are you willing to make your group activities a part of your personal expenses? Are you willing to sacrifice money for your recreational activities for the transportation and food requirements of group meetings and activities?)

If you can answer yes to these questions then that’s the first step to becoming a servant leader.

But you have to say yes - without IFs and BUTs.

What is Servant Leadership?

When I was asked to write an article about servant leadership, there is no way I could begin without asking that question.

Just like with the word LEADERSHIP – servant leadership has become a household term for all organizations today but do we truly understand its true meaning?

First and foremost, Leadership is and will always be Service. So the term ‘servant leadership’ would be like a redundancy. However, to emphasize the need for leaders who possess genuine care and concern for the welfare of the organization and its members or the general public – the word ‘servant’ was added.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP is also known as the ‘Jesus’ type of Leadership. It is leadership based on His principles and His teachings, and how He led his disciples.

There are many things we could pick-up from this type of leadership but you’ll need to be reminded only of the three most important and basic principles of Servant Leadership. With these three in mind and in heart, a leader will be able to follow Christ’s footsteps and lead his people well.
  1. Servant Leadership is a Calling
  2. Servant Leadership is to understand that we are all equally blessed
  3. Servant Leadership is to know the true meaning of sacrifice