Servant Leadership is a Calling

Like the rich young man (Luke 18:18-30) in one of the story in the Gospel, a SERVANT LEADER always ask how to follow Jesus - because he or she believes in His leadership.

You’re reading this article right now because you want to know how you can become a good leader like Jesus was.

His answer to all of us is: “Leave everything behind – give to those who are in need – and follow me.”

This is the most straightforward and most complete description of what it is to be a servant leader. But of course, this deal was anything but easy – that is why the rich young man turned away. Because he was so rich and all that wealth is very hard to give up.
The point here is not about the money or material wealth – it is about our willingness to give up everything for the sake of others who are in need.

Being a Servant leader would require a lot of your time (are you willing to give up your favorite afternoon soap opera for a group project?)

Being a servant leader would require you to share your talent (are you willing to offer your money-making talent for free for the benefit of the group? Will you be willing to explore and learn other things for the sake of the group?)

Being a servant leader would require you to share even your hard-earned savings (are you willing to make your group activities a part of your personal expenses? Are you willing to sacrifice money for your recreational activities for the transportation and food requirements of group meetings and activities?)

If you can answer yes to these questions then that’s the first step to becoming a servant leader.

But you have to say yes - without IFs and BUTs.