Servant Leadership is to Understand That We Are All Equally Blessed

Like the story of the Vine and the Branches in John’s Gospel we are all connected to one another. What ever happens to one, directly or indirectly affects all. It is a natural law.

This connection makes us all equal even though we are unique.

Our uniqueness makes as individuals, but our uniqueness also compliments the uniqueness of others and these makes us all inter-connected and inter-dependent.
“We can’t all be artists for we will starve to death – some would love to be farmers and paint the land green with abundance.”
We are all equally blessed as God’s Children and a servant leader respects this truth.

A servant leader is not above or below but is equal to the people he or she serves.

A servant leader does not rely on power or authority but with the strength and contributions of the people he leads. He understands that all has the capacity for greatness and his role as a leader is to help them enhance that individual capacity to achieve not only the goal of the group or the mission he embarks but also the individual goals of his members.

A servant leader must be a fountain of blessing for others – his followers must see and feel that they are truly blessed with good things and this must be imparted or communicated to them well.

A true servant leader uplifts his members. He does not degrade or undermine their individual capabilities.