What is Servant Leadership?

When I was asked to write an article about servant leadership, there is no way I could begin without asking that question.

Just like with the word LEADERSHIP – servant leadership has become a household term for all organizations today but do we truly understand its true meaning?

First and foremost, Leadership is and will always be Service. So the term ‘servant leadership’ would be like a redundancy. However, to emphasize the need for leaders who possess genuine care and concern for the welfare of the organization and its members or the general public – the word ‘servant’ was added.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP is also known as the ‘Jesus’ type of Leadership. It is leadership based on His principles and His teachings, and how He led his disciples.

There are many things we could pick-up from this type of leadership but you’ll need to be reminded only of the three most important and basic principles of Servant Leadership. With these three in mind and in heart, a leader will be able to follow Christ’s footsteps and lead his people well.
  1. Servant Leadership is a Calling
  2. Servant Leadership is to understand that we are all equally blessed
  3. Servant Leadership is to know the true meaning of sacrifice