Saturday, May 14, 2016


Before we go through the list, let's examine first our LEADERSHIP capabilities.

The only way to get through all the list is to accept that things might not go the way we want it to be but still believe that everything will work out as it should be.

Every great leader is a "flexible" leader!

Flexibility (adj) - designs that can adapt when external changes occur.

Are you a flexible leader?

What are the benefits of becoming a flexible leader?

  • Leaders with the most varied responses ultimately wins.
  • Most great leaders do not fall apart when change and challenges show up.
  • Great leaders react positively to even the biggest challenges.

Now that we've gotten that straighten up, let's go through our list.

Here are 5 things every flexible leaders must do:


Let us remember, that TALENT coupled with DESIRE will always bring out our inner treasures. 
"Leadership success is the process of excavating the treasures of the invisible soul in order to bring dreams, desires, and talents into the visible world."


This spells character and attitude! Remove the bad stuff in your life and move forward. For example:
  • Physical (messy study area)
  • Attitude (laziness)
  • Relationships (B.I.)
"New things that actually have hope for the future cannot appear until you get rid of what was taking up the space that the new thing needs."


Get some worthwhile goals! Ask yourselves, “What will happen in the end?"

Here's how:
  • Script a Happy Ending (What's your end in mind - your definition of success)
  • Survive the scary scenes (Determination, Persistence and Oh, never give up)
  • Give an Oscar-Winning Performance (Remember it's more the journey than the destination)

Put the Man of Steel out of the job! Do not wait for a Superman to do things for you and start being a hero yourself.
Leaders continually ask themselves, “What can I do to make the situation better?”
Initiative (n) - the ability to take necessary action, on your own, which gets the job done.

So how do we put Superman out of the job:
  • Spring into action (go and do something, don't let others tell you what to do)
  • Get out of the Phone Booth (don't procrastinate and over-analyze everything - if you have a plan then execute it)
  • Do something super (Give everything your 110%)
“Ask God’s blessings on your work. But don’t ask him to do it for you.” – Flora Robinson


Lastly, work hard and work smart! Get over your unrealistic wants and go do what you can with whatever you have right now.

Here are some words of wisdom from the tiny insect world:
  • Go to the ant you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. – Proverbs 6:6-8
  • Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. – Henry Ford
  • Leaders achieve big goals by taking small steps over time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On Learning

We are here to learn lessons, and the world is our teacher.
When we fail to learn a lesson,
we get to take it again... and again!
Once we have learned the lesson,
we move on to the next one.
And we never run out of lessons!

by Andrew Matthews

Friday, January 1, 2016

How to Develop the Happiness Habit


The Happiness Habit is your very own intellectual, emotional and spiritual thermostat.

The Happiness Habit does not mean looking for a person or a place to find happiness with or in, but to find happiness inside, inwards, which you carry anyplace, at anytime and with anybody.

The Happiness Habit means taking everything as is, where is, what is, why is and understands the how is.

The Happiness Habit is a lifetime tranquilizer against the "so-they-say" harsh realities of life. Happiness is your birthright. So take it.

Lastly, The Happiness Habit is as easy to pick up as the common cold and it's very contagious too. It can easily go around. So keep the contagion going.
Here it is:


See more, hear more, smell more, taste more and touch more.

Feel and experience as much as you can about everything around you. Discover those heightened moments, capture these beautiful experiences and then recreate them, relive them, specially when the times are low and when things aren't going so well.


Don't let resources die inside of you. Dig out your buried assets. Affirm.

Every morning, when you look in the mirror, start with a smile and say "I am going to be a success today."

Wear that smile for as long as you can until that smile stays glued on your face that you'll not be able to take it off even at moments of sadness. Promise yourself that from this day on, you are going to move toward greatness, fulfillment, achievement, success! For happiness is the quest to realization and actualization of your goals and ambition.


Be willing to make others happy and fulfilled. Help them find themselves. Show more warmth, friendship, sincerity, honesty, trust, love - because nobody but nobody ever gets enough of any.


Realize that God created you and the only way to return the favor is to thank Him and make the most of what He has given you.

The Secret to Success

What is the SECRET to SUCCESS?

The answer:
"There are no secrets to success! It is just you doing the things you know you should do and avoiding the things you shouldn't do."
Success is PERSONAL. Your definition of success can be and will be different from other people.
You must, therefore, have an end in mind. Find out first where you are now, who you are now, and what roles are you playing as of this moment. And then, search your heart to find out where do you really want to be and the roles you dream to play.

Success is not only the achievement of an ultimate goal, it is 'the' moving forward. It is conquering the gravity that pulls your feet down to make every step. It is the inches, the minutes, the hours, the months and the years that adds up to a fulfilling life.

Success is made up of many tiny successes which spawned mostly from the courage to meeting failures face to face without being defeated. 

Success is also discovering your best talents, skills, and abilities and applying them where they will make the most effective contribution to your own growth as an individual and to the growth of others.
"Doing what you do well and doing well whatever you do." - Longfellow
Success is not limited to any one area of your life. It encompasses all the facets of your relationships.

Success is harnessing your heart to a task you love. It is focusing the full power of all you are on what you desire to achieve.

Success is in each one of us waiting to be realized.