PROFESSIONALISM is a set of internalized character strengths and values directed toward high quality service to others through one's work such as: Inner-Strength, Sound Judgment, Know-How, Business Savvy, Mature Responsibility, Problem Solving Skills, Perseverance and Ingenuity. 

Demonstrate PROFESSIONALISM at any level of work by the ATTITUDE you bring.  Ask yourself if you can answer TRUE to the following statements:

  1. I do the job to my best ability.
  2. I take pride in the job I do.
  3. People are better off because of the way I do my job.
  4. I make a difference.
  5. I start my workday neat and clean.
  6. I report for work on time and stay for my entire shift or scheduled workday.
  7. I honestly earn my pay.
  8. I treat my customers, clients and co-workers with respect and dignity.
  9. I employ good manners in my interactions with others.
  10. I respect my work and myself.