Five Major Time Wasters

Here are five major time-wasting activities and behaviors.

  1. Spreading yourself too thin by trying to do too many things at once.  You must set priorities for each day and, if necessary, each hour.  Get the most important things done first.
  2. Being afraid to delegate. Convince yourself that it's not necessary to do everything yourself.
  3. Not wanting to say "NO" to requests.  Decide what you must do - and want to do - and say "NO" to all other requests.
  4. Being a slave to distractions.  If possible, have someone screen your calls and appointments.  Schedule a time to return all calls.  Plan your day wisely.  Stick to your schedule while making room for important and urgent matters that may arise.  Be firm on your priorities but make your schedules flexible.
  5. Procrastination.  Get those unpleasant chores done first - if they are important.  Divide large tasks into smaller ones.  Reward yourself when you accomplish something.
source: Dr. Jan Yager, Harris Publications