Prioritization Guide #1: People over Things

In a materialistic world - we put so much effort and so much time in acquiring so many things that do not amount much when we're dead.  This is a reminder to all of us that a single person's life (however rich or poor) is worth more than all the material things you could get in this world even in several lifetime.  Put more effort and time in gaining the trust and confidence of people than wasting it on cars, jewelries, etc.  Help people grow and be an instrument for making the lives of others more livable.

Prioritization Guide #2: Relationships over Work

Hard times requires more sacrifices and relationships usually takes the fall.  But this shouldn't be the case.  Again, it's a matter of prioritization.  Sometimes we overly justify our need to make a living, to make a career, to make our dreams come true with the expense of losing sight of the real things that matter.  Family, friends and God.  There is always a choice and what you choose either breaks you or make you.  Work is essential but so are relationships.  Strike a balance.  Learn the art of compensating for limited time.  Be efficient.  Remember, your work or career, can and will not be able to take the place of true and lasting relationships.

Prioritization Guide #3: Health over Pleasure

Logically speaking this is the correct order but most of us tend to forget.  Like the saying goes: "time flies.. when you're having so much fun." -  so is our time to have fun.  Be mindful of what you eat and what you do.  Not all things that are fun and deeply satisfying are good for us.  Too much of anything is just not good for our body and even our soul, even the things that are initially good for us tend to have some sort of side effects when taken or done excessively.  Live life in moderation and you'll have more pleasure out of life that way.

Prioritization Guide #4: Doing The Right Things over Doing Things Right

These two are both essential: Do things right and do the right things.  But one has to prioritize doing the right things first over doing it right to make whatever it is you're doing right more meaningful and rewarding.  A gangster or a corrupt politician can do things right, more efficiently and effectively than any other people but are they doing the right things.  Are they being fair, being honest or moral?  There is more dignity in being clumsy but right than being efficiently wrong all the time.