The Seven Healthy Steps to Effective Leadership

LEADERSHIP is more than just a TITLE that people gives you when you get to top of something - it is and will always be a work in progress!

You work and progress or growth happens, not only to you but to all the people around you and the organization or community that you belong to.

Here are Seven Healthy Steps that you should take into consideration for you to become an effective leader - Always!

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Be aware of the fact that not everything is as simple as black and white - and that there are many shades of grey. Leaders must realize that each situation is not necessarily summed up as right or wrong, perhaps it’s just different than what they are used to.

So an effective leader is a master of empathy or the ability to understand other people's feelings, thoughts or needs. They are sensitive to it and are therefore his or her actions are guided by it.

"Listen Well"

To effectively communicate with others is a critical part of leadership development. Everyone is given two ears and only one mouth so they might listen twice as much as they speak! Listening effectively is the key to good communication and effective leadership - for leadership, first and foremost, is about being a good communicator.

"Work Together"

Working well with others is another highly important skill for leaders. Getting more accomplished as a team in less time is always better than simply doing it alone.

"Give and Take"

Through the process of working in teams, leaders learn the art of give and take. Compromising in certain areas to ensure that the task is completed, and with all parties pleased with the outcome.

Sometimes, the Give and Take process brings out a far more better solution than a compromise.  Something that is different from what everyone has proposed but have agreed to fully. This is one of the many magic of effective leadership.

"Step by Step"

A large task can be overwhelming. However, Breaking down a task into smaller, bite-sized pieces will build more self confidence and provide a clearer vision for success.

An effective leader is a combination of a great strategic planner and an awesome organizational manager.

"See and Dream"

A leader who can see their outcome clearly is more likely to achieve success. The first task of effective leadership is to see where the group is now and to concretely know where  to go next..

"Push Forward"

An effective leader knows that failures are indispensable requirements to success. Mistakes should not define a leader of a group - it should however serve as a learning tool and a motivation to move further and to push forward.