Seven Ways To Gain Peace Of Mind

PEACE OF MIND is clinically described as the absence of mental stress or anxiety. On a grander scale, it may also be described as the state of mental, emotional and spiritual calmness, happiness and freedom, free from all kinds of worries.

It is a key ingredient to holistic health and wellness. And the lack of it would cause an imbalance that could be detrimental to a person's mind, body and soul.
Here are seven ways to gain a peaceful state of mind:  
  1. FORGIVE OTHERS with no sense of condemnation. Do not give forgiveness on an installment plan. A difficult habit to learn but one that is worth doing.
  2. FORGIVE YOURSELF for the mistakes you've made. Forget the errors of yesterday and live fully today. Learn from your blunders but do not dwell on it. To err may be a human failing but to forgive is a great human achievement. Forgive yourself and achieve your fulfillment as a human being.
  3. KEEP UP WITH YOURSELF and not with someone else. Trying to imitate others merely forces you to play second fiddle. You can't be someone else you can only be yourself - imitation is but an illusion. Every day you must try to be your own self and make your self-image grow. A mirror is a friend for those who are loss.
  4. SEE YOURSELF AT YOUR BEST and stop concentrating on your worst. You are your most wicked enemy when you torture yourself with feelings of frustration every day. Focus on your goals and your strengths. Remember that when your strength grows, your weaknesses lessens. Transform your weakness into strengths by concentrating on the what you can do.
  5. DO NOT RUSH. Plan your time wisely by focusing on the important things and do not hesitate to refuse to take on unimportant and burdensome tasks. Don't procrastinate on things that are urgent and important. Prioritize and learn to say no.
  6. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE. Focus on what is at hand. Work on your present goals and the future will take care of itself.
  7. HAVE FAITH. Put your trust in God and forget all fears. "Cast your burdens upon Him those who are burdened, come to Him all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads and He will give you rest."