What To Do When You Have Just Lost Your Job

Being laid-off or losing your job can be the worse thing that could ever happen to a loyal employee.

There are so many reasons why job loss occurs in a company. Streamlining, mergers, reorganization, closures and other company cost-effectiveness measures due to global economic slowdown, political and economic situation, shrinking markets and even natural calamities.

For people who have lost their jobs to any of the following reasons above and not because of poor performance and any other reasons, here are some things that you can do to survive.


The first thing a laid-off employee needs to do to survive this is to bring themselves out of the situation and recognize that it is really out of their control. Accepting that the situation is beyond personal reasons will keep you more objective and in control of the situation.


If you're a regular, you'll be offered with some sort of a severance package and with you in control of your emotions and the whole situation you will be most likely able to negotiate the terms of your package.


If you have been laid-off in good standing, you are also entitled for a letter of reference from the company and any job leads that they can provide. Maintain good relations always.


Usually, employees are given a one month or two weeks notice before you go to the unemployment list. Manage your time wisely and use the opportunity to finish all your  work tasks and at the same time re-assessing your skills and priorities and looking for a new job.


Lastly, be professional. Help yourself manage your emotions and remain objective. Remember that it is best to leave an old workplace with a positive image because this will resonate to your future job opportunities.

Actually, all these things are easier said than done so it is best to have a career transition expert at your side during this trying times.  Some companies here in the Philippines hire an outplacement agency to help employees cope with Job Loss and Company Changes.

Industry pioneer like LEE HECHT HARRISON PHILIPPINES have already worked with over 100 companies and has helped over 5,000 employees successfully move on and move forward with their careers.

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