Einstein said that time is relative.  It is fast or slow depending on one's position and movement in space.  He proved it mathematically.  He didn't have to.  Intuitively, people know that a day or a week is but a moment in the company of friends but that a moment decelerates, freezes and turns into an agonizing eternity in an unpleasant and vacuous company.

Let us look at how relative is time and its very importance.

In a Second

  • 8 million blood cells die within a normal, healthy adult
  • wings of a housefly beat 333.3 times
  • quartz crystal in a digital watch beats 32.763 times
  • light travels 186,282 miles
  • .22 calibre rifle bullet travels 1,200 feet 
In a minute

  • the average human heart pulsates 75 times
  • the average human heart pumps 12 gallons of blood
  • the average human male produces 138,000 sperm cells
In an hour

  • an adult male shed 600,000 particles of skin
  • for a human sperm to reach an egg
  • sound travels 764 miles (mach 1)
In a day

  • an average human adult produces 3 pints of perspiration
  • for 10 pints of blood in the human body to make 1000 complete circuits
  • one bacteria cell produces 4,700,000 quadrillion offspring by fission (in ideal condition)
In a week

  • for a newborn guppies to double its size
  • for infants to become capable of a regular flow of tears or to learn voluntary smiling
  • for a human hair to grow half an inch
In a year

  • 10 to 20 million people die of starvation
  • a pack-a-day smoker to smoke 7,300 cigarettes
  • for light to travel 5 trillion miles

5 years, a rubber tree grows large enough to tap

10 years, for Japanese artist Ryomo Hori to complete one of her minutely carved dolls clothe in handwoven costume

20 years, for a vintage port wine to reach its prime

25 years, for a car to be considered as an antique

50 years, to replace forest destroyed by wildfires

100 years, for furniture to be considered an antique

126 years, to build St. Peter's in Rome

1,800 years, to complete the Great Wall of China

2,000 years, for indian lotus seeds to lose their ability to germinate

100,000 years, for light to travel across our galaxy

2 million years, for the light of Andromeda (the closest galaxy to ours) to reach earth

250 million years, for petroleum to form

1 billion years, for coal to form

2 billion years, for iron to form

4 billion years, for lead to form

4.5 billion years, age of planet earth